Head Brewer

GSB Head Brewer Adam Orrick. That is an IPA. Out of the fermenter. Fresh.


GSB Head Brewer Adam Orrick grew up in central Illinois, and began brewing beer at college, in his kitchen when he was 20.  He and his housemates found that brewing and drinking their own beer was a great alternative to school work and really great alternative to American Light Lager.  After college, Adam and some friends moved to Seattle for no particular reason, and promptly began drinking in the local beers.  They met loads of homebrewers and began brewing obsessively.  He built hiking trail and baked bread and pastries.  For fun, he volunteered at Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett, learning all the finer points in keg cleaning and floor scrubbing under owner/operator/brewer/phenom Shawn Loring.  In the winter of 2008, Adam moved back to Chicago to attend the Siebel Institute and the Doemen’s Academy in Munich, where he received his International Diploma in Brewing Technology.  Upon graduation, Adam flew home, said hi to his parents, and moved back out to Washington to help open GSB.  For fun, Adam likes baseball, beer, talking about beer, going to breweries, making his own sausage, cheese, soap, jams, and pickles, and hiking and foraging for food when he can.


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