• House Pico & Warm Tortilla Chips – Shelton’s own Jalisco tortilla chips served warm with Brewhouse pico de gallo made with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno…$3.95

Soft Pretzel- Fresh baked, wonderfully soft and served with your coice of Cheddar, Artichoke Jalapeno Dip, or Stone Ground Mustard…$4.95

Sweet, Hot, and Creamy-Blueberry-Jalapeno jelly over cream cheese, served with rice crackers…$6.95

• Brewhouse Nachos – A hefty platter of fresh chips, smothered with beef, cheese, olives, green onion & pico. Fresh sour cream tops them off. Full Order ..$ 8.95 Half Order ..$5.50 side of guacamole ..$1.50

• Quesadilla—Chicken & Cheese or Bean & Cheese—Filled with cheese, corn & pico. Served with Sour cream. Chicken & Cheese ..$5.95 Bean & Cheese ..$3.95

• Fresh Artichoke & Jalapeno Dip w/ Crustini— Very Popular!—Spicy, yet just the right heat…$5.95

• Spicy Baked Oysters á la Crème— Fresh, local medium oysters topped with our own jalapeno—artichoke dip, then bumped up a notch with fresh cream & crisp bacon, served bubbly hot ..$11.95

• Brewhouse Steamers—Local sweet clams quickly simmered in Spire Mountain pear cider, basil, and garlic until they pop open-served with crustini..$11.95

• Local Hama-Hama Petite Oyster Shooters—What can we say?!!! .. $1.75 each ..$8.95/6pk, or 6 and schooner of ale for $9.95.


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