**We keep a rotation of 7 or 8 beers at all times.  At any given time you are likely to find most or all of the following:

Cota Kolsch: An unfiltered version of this light-bodied, crisp German Ale.  Very floral and fruity, with a subtle, lingering bitterness from German and Yakima hops.  4.7 % ABV

Hefeweizen:  Made with equal parts malted barley and wheat malt, and a true Bavarian wheat yeast strain, this beer has a fruity and spicy aroma to it.  very aromatic and flavorful, the fruitiness is matched by a slightly tart flavor.  5.0% ABV

GSB ESB: An Extra Special Bitter with a nice fruity malt aroma and flavor that is balaced by plenty of Yakima-grown hops. 6.0% ABV

IPAcalypse: HOPS!  6.0% ABV

Albino Pine Pale Ale: A classic American Pale Ale with crisp malt and hop balance.    5.2% ABV

Ol’ Pinchfister: Brought back by popular demand, this beer was originally brewed as a winter warmer.  Chocolate, roast, and spicy flavors  create a flavorful malt profile.  6.0 % ABV

Mahogany Nob: A rich robust porter, coffee and chocolate dominate the aroma and flavor.  The hop bitterness is balanced nicely by the strong malt character.  5.4% ABV

Guest Tap: Men’s Room Orignal Red, from Elysian Brewing.

Seasonals, Specialties, and Whatever-we-feel-like-beers also show up on our taps.  Be sure to ask your server or bartender what’s pouring. 

**Expect to regularly see new beers.  We take customer input seriously, and wish to develop a line of beers consistent with customer thirst.  If ya don’t like it, we’ll probably stop making it.  Then we will try something else.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you like.  We probably won’t make a light lager…


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