Changes at GSB

Dear friends-

It is with great sadness that I announce my decision to end my time as Head Brewer at Grove Street. It has been a rare privilege to be a part of this great brewery, and to share and enjoy it with everyone involved, from the Thompson family to anyone who stopped in for a pint. The decision was certainly not an easy one to make, but sometimes attention and focus must be turned to other things in life. While my 2 years at GSB have had their challenges, I will always reflect upon them as an enriching and an especially fun time in my life. The job itself has allowed me to share my passion with you and has therefore been extremely satisfying. But I find the most satisfying part of the last two years is the great friends I have made through this wonderful brewpub. I am proud of what we were able to build together, and I will have nothing but fond memories of the time, beers, and conversations we shared. I look forward to new opportunities and challenges, but will always hold in highest regards Grove Street Brewhouse, those with whom I have shared so much at its copper bar top, and especially the Thompson family who have given us this great brewery and who gave me such a tremendous opportunity. I am happy to say that we still have 3 weeks together, with which to sip ESB or Kolsch, IPA or Ol’ Pinchfister, and to celebrate all of the great work that has been done here, to celebrate all of the memorable time we have enjoyed together, and to celebrate a certainly great future for the very first brewery in Shelton, WA (a sleepy little drinking village with a logging problem….).

Friends of Grove Street, my glass is raised to you. I thank you for everything.



~ by Brewing Abroad on June 14, 2011.

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