Everyone has been asking, so today, we brewed more brown ale.  Expect to see that on tap sometime at the beginning of March.


~ by Brewing Abroad on February 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “BROWN ALE!”

  1. Alright!! Looking forward to it! Have missed it!

  2. what’s the contact email for Grove Street?

  3. Loving the Brown Ale!! Had missed it when you didn’t have it.

  4. Always risky to take out-of-town visitors to a venue not yet experienced first-hand. But, the report is good. Good ale, good IPA, good food, and a nice staff- shout out to “LJ” the facilitator of our time there! Only thing missing was the music factor, as we were there on a night without. Thought I could chance Randy Baugh, et al being there. Next time I will confirm! Love the industrial/Celtic/NW/vintage-modern exterior and interior. Cheers to the owners and staff. Thank you!

  5. My hubby & I both love the Brown Ale!! Definitely our favorite! Thrilled to have it back!

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