Don’t forget, we have a lot of great music coming up


~ by Brewing Abroad on January 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Don’t forget, we have a lot of great music coming up”

  1. I’m hoping to attend the James King show this Friday. However, your site offers no info about the concert, no phone # and no idea if you serve food. If you really want to have folks show up, these simple things would be great to have on your website.

    susan madden

    • Thank you for your interest in attending the show Friday. James King will play from 7-10 on Friday. We do serve food, and our number is 360.462.2739. Right clicking on the thumbnails will offer a larger view of the posters, and they do indeed have this information (although they fail to mention that we serve food. Thank you for the heads up). As well, this is a temporary blog until our official website is up and running. You can find us at, and, while the site is under construction, you may find more information there. Also, we are on facebook, should you be interested in following us there. See you Friday!

  2. Runaway Train Bluegrass Band will be on at 7:00 followed by James King. You’ll be in for a night of the real thing! What kind of food will be available? I’ve had several people ask.

  3. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Originally, Randy was playing from 5-8 pm. As of a couple weeks ago, we decided that 6-9 would be better, as people weren’t really showing up until about 6. So, yes, 6 is the start time. I will let the webmaster know so that he can promptly change it on the website. We appreciate your patience with us as we transition to a new, official website.

  4. I will check the schedule and get these up shortly. Also, I will ask the webmaster to add them to the website.

  5. Thrilled to see Steve Stesanowicz will be playing on Friday, February 26th! He was so good the night he joined Randy Linder on stage!

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