Brewing this week

We are going to get the Porter pouring again this week, and will be brewing some more Amber and IPAcalypse.  We have had a great response to the IPA and will continue to try to please the local hop fans.


~ by Brewing Abroad on January 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “Brewing this week”

  1. It’s true. Your IPA is fantastic. This is coming from a guy who has had many many different IPAs.

  2. Missed the Brown Ale and Porter on Wednesday. Maybe there will be some on Friday??

    • Indeed we did have the porter. As its popularity has grown subsantially, we decided to honor it with a name. Mahogany Nob. Just call for a porter, or Mahogany Nob and you will be promptly served with a delicious beer (this is currently my favorite up there). The Brown will be back. We found that having three darker beers on tap, only two will sell. So, we pulled the Dark Ale, as it was not a customer favorite, and while the Pinchfister is pouring, we will send the Brown on vacation, so to speak. I would say that we will probably look to brew the Brown sometime in February, so look for it in March. Thanks for coming on Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you this weekend. I will ask around and find Steve’s last name. I think we are looking to get him here on a regular basis, perhaps with Randy (that is up to them). They had never met, nor played together before, which I can’t hardly believe, but the truth nonetheless. Thanks for writing.

  3. Your latest IPA is definitely improved over the first round, I’d suggest even going a bit “bigger”. And I think your Brown Ale was quite exceptional, and look forward to it’s return. Any ETA on when the kitchen will be up and running?

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