Just how many breweries, did you say….?

Klaus Degen

Klaus Degen, the world's brewery enthusiast and documentarian, enjoys a pint of ESB with Grove Street brewmaster Adam Orrick

We were honored to host Klaus Degen yesterday afternoon.  It is a safe bet that nobody on the planet has visited as many breweries as Klaus, and with a staggering library of his life’s work, we were pleased to be brewery visit 2240.  Yes.  Not a typo.  2240.  Two thousand, two hundred and forty breweries.  127 countries.  Every brewery in Germany.  And he video tapes every one of them.  But don’t ask Klaus to give it up to the Travel Channel or Discovery.  His hobby is for himself and the brewers he meets.  (In fact, ask him to give it up to the Travel Channel.  The world deserves to see this.)  We thoroughly enjoyed Klaus’s company, his stories of breweries abroad (2 breweries in Madagascar?), and the fact that, for as far and wide as he has traveled for a beer, he believes the best brewers in the world are brewing in the Pac-Northwest…awww…As it turns out, this works well for him.  Klaus is from Auburn.  So raise your pints to Klaus and take pride in the fact that the most well-traveled brewery enthusiast is a Washingtonian.


~ by Brewing Abroad on November 4, 2009.

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